Cover Your Lath!

Protect yourself from litigation with the Code-Approved Sealed Stucco System

Just because you’re following ASTM provisions doesn’t mean you’re totally protected! Florida’s unconventional climate requires special provisions to ensure waterproofing!

Protecting your reputation starts with quality stucco system you can trust for years to come. The Sealed Stucco System gives you peace of mind so you can spend less time worrying about being sued and spend more time getting things done.

  • 40 years of complication-free service life
  • No Control Joints — No Weep Screeds — No Rusty Lath!
  • Eliminating problematic/unnecessary accessories means it’s cost-effective and time-efficient!
  • Tough against Florida-type conditions: wind storms, airborne salt concentration, heat, and humidity
  • Customer Placard reminds customers to perform maintenance checkups

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